Terms & Conditions

1. These conditions apply to all advertisements accepted for inclusion in publications produced by OKM Media Ltd from third parties (the “Advertiser”). No employee or agent of OKM Media Ltd. has the authority to agree any variation or addition to these conditions which can only be varied in writing signed by a Director authorised on behalf of OKM Media Ltd.

2. All insertion orders are subject to the publisher's (OKM Media Ltd.) approval of the copy.

3. The Advertiser must submit the materials by the given deadline.

4. Acceptance of an advertisement for publication does not constitute endorsement or approval by the publisher of any product or service advertised.

5. The advertiser must submit materials by the given deadline. If materials are not received by the submission date, the publisher reserves the right to use previously held copy or to compose generic advertising on behalf of the advertiser. Failure to submit advertising materials to the publisher shall not relieve the advertiser’s liability for the cost of the advertisement.

6. OKM Media Ltd. undertakes due care to avoid mistakes in which case the advertiser should be entitled to a refund of a fair and reasonable charge of the advertisement cost. OKM Media Ltd. cannot accept liability for any errors or incorrect instructions on the part of third parties, agents or sub-contractors. 

7. Charges shall be set out in the advertiser confirmation form, that will be in the form of email correspondence sent from OKM Media Ltd. Confirmation of booking is only accepted via email with the Advertiser using the following terminology's - "Agreed", "We Confirm", "We Agree" or "Confirmed".

8. Invoices are due for payment upon receipt of order confirmation. Payment can be made via BACS or by Credit Card (at a charge of 2.5% per transaction). OKM Media Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on any amounts unpaid after the due date for payment at a rate of 4% above Royal Bank of Scotland base rate from the date payment falls due to the date payment is received in full.

9. Cancellations will be considered on the basis that cancellation is provided to OKM Media Ltd in writing within 10 days of confirmation.

10. Notice of cancellation must be accompanied by payment in full for all artwork, scanning and production charges incurred in connection with the advertisement and payment of any discounts allowed in respect of any series advertising.